Washington Invoice would increase sports activities betting past tribal casinos

Expand an invoice Washington Sports betting beyond the tribal casinos is back on the agenda.

SB 5212 was the subject of a discussion of Washington Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Tribal Affairs on Thursday.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Curtis King and pushed past Nevada-based Maverick Gamingsuggests extending WA sports betting to card rooms and racetracks.

Governor Jay Inslee The tribal-only sports betting signed last year has gone into effect, but the tribal casinos have not yet started their activities.

Maverick back behind the bump

With 19 of the state’s 44 card halls, Maverick Gaming is behind the bill, much like the failed effort last year.

Two bills that would have opened sports betting for online, tribal casinos and cardrooms failed to gain in importance over the past year. The new bill would be expanded to include card rooms, but would only be available online on site.

Eric Persson, Managing Director of Maverick Gaming, said legalized sports betting would create 10 jobs per card room and generate from $ 50 million Revenue for state and local jurisdictions per year.

Persson also said WA sports betting would help keep jobs. Cardrooms in Washington have declined 140 to 44 as more tribal casinos have opened.

Tribal opposition on Bill

Rebecca George, Washington Indian Gaming Association Managing director spoke out against the bill. She cited Maverick Gaming’s similar approach last year and the “social harm” it would cause in the state.

George also raised the issue that a non-state corporation would be the main beneficiary of the proposed expansion.

When asked if tribal casinos still offer sports betting, George said the state and the tribes are signing government contracts.

Questions about sports betting income

Senator Derek Stanford cast doubts on sports betting income, suggesting the numbers are inferior $ 10 billion in bets annually.

“When we talk about big numbers, we are talking about revenue states and local jurisdictions,” said the Maverick lobbyist Vicki Christophersen said. “It’s very difficult, we have no idea what the real market is like. We use other states to determine revenue.

“It’s new jobs, new income, at a time our state and local jurisdictions need it.”

Stanford warned Maverick officials to be more realistic with their projections in public comments.

Washington sports betting future

King introduced the bill to the committee by suggesting that Washington’s expansion of sports betting to card rooms is fair.

“Tribes own the rights to the casinos and the vast majority of the games of chance in the state, and earn millions each year,” said King. “That doesn’t affect anything. It’s a new form of gambling. Let’s share the wealth here. We need to support our map rooms scattered across this state. “

King raised questions and concerns both before and during the hearing. He said they will consider how best to reflect them in an amended bill.

Among the inquiries from the Washington State Gambling Commission: Tighten the language of the bill if online bets are really only intended on site or as a so-called “Mississippi cell phone”.

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