The week within the sports activities betting information: Flutter depends on FanDuel

happy Monday, everyone. There was a lot of sports betting news last week as the rule of law continues to reach new heights while others work towards legalization.

The LSR podcast took a look at the latest US sports betting record for the month October (We will know the final balance when sports betting results are available Illinois.)

While the podcast is a great resource for information every week, it sometimes ends before the biggest sports betting news of the week, as it did last week. Be sure to follow @ LSPReport on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news.

Top sports betting news: Flutter buys almost all of the FanDuel

majority FanDuel shareholder flutter will raise his stake on 95% with a $ 4.2 billion Approval.

The move could indicate a possible US listing of FanDuel. The deal gives FanDuel an enterprise value of $ 11.2 billion although it could be rated much higher if it were listed in New York. DraftKings is rated with $ 20 billion than his trade at 37 times it is expected 2020 Revenues.

A listed FanDuel in the USA could be valued with the same multiple $ 31.5 million.

The rest 5% heard Boyd Gaming as part of a market access agreement.

Suggested Single Skin Markets in New York, Ohio

Both new York and Ohio are still working on legalizing sports betting this year. Both also consider single-skinned structures.

The latest Ohio Senate proposal for sports betting will include only one skin per casino to avoid the proliferation of gambling across the state. Late. John Eklund said.

In New York Sen. Joe Addabbo said it was better to start negotiations with one skin per given property Governor Andrew CuomoOpposition to mobile betting in the past.

Rep. Gary Pretlow is with Addabbo in the battle to legalize mobile sports betting in New York, but does not agree with a one-skin model:

“I know some of the casinos only advocate a skin because they are greedy. They think they can be their own bookmaker. I don’t think they are,” Pretlow said on a sports betting panel. “You don’t have to use everything [available skins], nothing that says you have to do it, but at least you have the option to do it. “

Does anyone know when Michigan will start online sports betting?

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for anyone waiting for online sports betting Michigan start.

At its November meeting Michigan Gaming Control Board executive Director Richard Kalm warned online sports betting and iGaming may only be starting 2021. That warning was because the Joint Administrative Regulations Committee had not yet approved the rules for either market and returned it to regulators.

JCAR did exactly what last week prompted a board spokesman to propose that it could launch in 2020.

Well, MLive reports, Kalm said 2021 is the expected window again:

“By abandoning the rules, I thought we’d be gone for four weeks, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this week – on the same day as the JCAR (meeting) – that we sent a request to the platform provider operators to let us know how ready they were are to go and what they will have done. We may have to put that back because we’re probably looking at six weeks now. “

Mo shows us the same

Three Suggestions for sports betting in Missouri are already filed. If that seems quick, it’s because these are bills that were introduced this year.

Sens. Denny Hoskins and Tony Luetkemeyer Pre-submitted the same invoices for 2021 that they made for this session. Late. Caleb Rowden submitted an invoice identical to HB 2318 last year.

Rowden’s bill is favorable to the sports betting industry. Written by MP Phil Christofanelli last year the bill calls for one 6.75% Tax rate and an annual royalty of $ 20,000.

That’s higher than that 6.25% Taxes and $ 5,000 Lütkemeyer annual fee, but his bill calls for one 0.75% integrity fee to leagues. Hoskins bill would pay too 0.25% in integrity fees to the leagues.

Projecting winners for single game sports betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada is ready for a renaissance should the federal ban on single game betting come to an end.

theScore Bet, controlled by Torontolisted Score Media and Gamingcould be one of the biggest winners. His media app, which is directly linked to his betting app, has 1.4 Million User in Ontario alone.

ONE 10% Market share could add there 100 C $ Millions in annual betting revenue for the company, Canaccord Genuity said.

Technology providers like DraftKings SBTech, GAN, camp and Scientific games could win big too. Media companies like TSN and Rogers Sports may want a partner to turn viewers into sports bettors. Yanic Spielberg, Bragg Gaming’s Chief Strategy Officer said.

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