The PA sports activities betting market continued its upward development in December

The PA The sports betting market decided to break another record before embarking on 2020.

Pennsylvania sports betting took place $ 548.6 million in betting for December, set a new status data record. The previous record was $ 525.8 million of October.

Sports betting revenues were $ 45.3 millionalthough this is noticeable $ 34.1 million in taxable income once the $ 11.3 million credits are deducted in promo. That led to $ 12.3 million in tax revenue for the Trapezoidal stateaccording to the country report.

Almost the entire handle came from the Internet $ 535.2 million Bet, good for 97.6% Market share. The mobile handle for sports betting in Pennsylvania usually hovers over that 90% Mark, but the December stake was likely aided by casino closings to keep the spread of the Coronavirus.

Online sports betting revenues reached new heights both before and after promotions. The total turnover was $ 44.2 million with taxable income of $ 32.9 million.

The percentage of online sports betting in Pennsylvania is falling for some

The state’s two best sports bets, FanDuel Sports Betting and DraftKings Sports BettingBoth saw their online market share decline in December.

FanDuel’s online market share fell 38.8% of 39.5% in the November. DraftKings’ decline was less than it did 0.1 percentage points to 24.5% In December.

fourth place BetRivers The market share of its two online sports bets also fell 9.1% last month of 10.6% in November.

Bar stool, BetMGM collects scrap

These fluctuations don’t seem like a big deal for larger, incumbent operators. That stake has to go somewhere, however, and the youngest entrants in the market have been happy to top up their coffers.

Bar stool sports betting stayed third in the state 13.4% from online handle to 1 percentage point from November on. The brand and theirs Penn National Employees will get their first real test after the first market this week when Barstool launches online in Michigan, the second online state.

BetMGMmeanwhile came out of the gates $ 12.1 million under control or 2.3% of the PA online market. That was only for events worth two weeks since the brand launched December 17th for testing.

PA sports betting are for the time being third under control

Pennsylvania closed as the third largest US sports betting market in 2020. It is $ 3.6 billion will fall below New Jersey‘s 6 billion dollars and Nevada‘s more than $ 4 billion.

This could be the last time the status is this high on the list.

Recently launched states like Colorado and Illinois are rising fast and could overtake Pennsylvania soon enough. New markets like to open up like Michigan and Virginia could also catch PA across the board.

The sky-high tax rate still delivers

However, it will be difficult for a state to outperform Pennsylvania in terms of tax revenue. PA Sportsbooks have done the most for their state by far over the past year $ 66.1 million thanks to its industry leaders 36% effective tax.

New Jersey sports betting contributed to the comparison $ 50.9 million in tax revenue. This is $ 15.2 million less than Pennsylvania, though NJ generates sports betting $ 128.6 million more operator revenue than PA books last year.

New Jersey taxes retail betting income 8.5% and online betting at 13%.

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