The Hunton information safety workforce contributes to 2021 to get the deal by way of the information on information safety and privateness

Hunton’s global data protection and cybersecurity team Andrews Kurth authored several chapters of Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through 2021 Guide to Data Protection and Privacy. Partner Aaron P. Simpson and Practice Director Lisa J. Sotto served as editors of the ninth edition of the annual guide, which provides summary and analysis in key areas of law, practice and regulation for 150 jurisdictions around the world.

Hunton participates annually in the guide, which begins with an introduction to important privacy and privacy updates from the past year, authored by Simpson and Sotto. Additional contributions include:

Other topics covered in the guide include data breaches, exceptions, other laws, PII formats, lawful processing, notifications, accuracy, security obligations and violations, registration formalities, penalties, transmissions and internet usage, and electronic communications marketing.

Download Lexology’s Guide to Privacy and Data Protection in 2021.

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