The Delhi authorities is the hurdle stopping speedy trials

The Delhi Prosecutors Welfare Association has filed a motion with the Delhi Supreme Court to create additional posts for the appointment of additional prosecutors for Fast Track and POCSO courts in Delhi.

The petition was initiated ex officio by the High Court to address issues related to working conditions and the appointment of prosecutors.

The petition alleged that there were only 37 prosecutors on the sites concerned and that the limited number of human resources would overload them and, in turn, increase their reliance on these cases.

The Directorate of Public Prosecutor’s Office has sent the Delhi Government a proposal to create additional posts because of the difficulty of finding additional additional prosecutors.

According to the request, a total of 110 additional prosecutors would be required without the existing posts.

The Delhi government rejects this proposal on the grounds that it is inappropriate to create 73 additional public prosecutor positions.

The petitioners argue that the rejection of this proposal undermines the criminal justice system and goes against the basic objectives of the establishment of express and POCSO courts.

The purpose is nullified if the cases are not dealt with quickly.

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