The Allahabad Excessive Court docket stays the arrest warrant for the Mirzapur sequence producers

The Allahabad High Court upheld the arrest warrants for the Mirzapur Series producers, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.

Apart from this, the department bank sent a notice to the state government and the complainant in order to obtain their answer on the ongoing matter.

The case was initiated at the behest of an FIR filed by a local journalist, Arvind Chaturvedi. The case has been registered under Sections 295-A, 504, 505 and 34 of the Indian Criminal Code and Section 67A of the Information Technology Act.

The allegations were made against the content presented in the Mirzapur series; It was supposedly unsocial and full of offensive scenes. According to the complainant, it promoted illegal relationships, barbaric language, casteism and an unrealistic / polluted image of the judicial system.

The complainant further alleged that the web series attempted to misrepresent the city of Mirzapur and that the content it contained hurt the feelings of the residents of Mirzapur.

The petitioners (the producers) provided their submissions, stating that the web series was pure fiction and that it was reopened in the disclaimer before each episode. They also stated that following the success of the first season in 2018, the second season was made and released in October 2020. They went on to state that the FIR was filed after nearly three months of the second season’s release.

They defended their web series on the basis of their right to freedom of expression under Article 19 paragraph 1 letter a and their right to trade and work under Article 19 paragraph 1 letter g.

Her prayers included the lifting of the FIR filed in the Mirzapur district, the suspension of the initiated proceedings and the fact that the producers should not be harassed or arrested at any time.

Currently the Allahabad High Court has suspended the arrest of the producers and a similar plea has been brought before the Supreme Court.

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