Sonu Sood turned Supreme Court docket when Bombay HC denied aid

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Sonu Sood took the Bombay HC decision to the Supreme Court. Bombay HC denied the actor any relief from the alleged illegal construction at his place of residence. His place of residence is in Juhu.

Bombay HC rejecting the cited relief –

The law only helps those who are diligent


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) issued a notice in October 2020. The petitioner Sonu Sood moved 10 weeks to comply in the High Court.

He also asked the BMC for an order from the High Court not to demolish the property.

However, the Hon’ble High Court dismissed the plea.

BMC suggests the actor converted his property from an apartment building to a hotel without permission.

For the same reason, BMC filed FIR against the actor in the Juhu Police Station.

The police have yet to submit the FIR.

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