Shock: Virginia Sports activities Betting seems to begin Thursday

Virginia Start of sports betting Thursday, according to information released on Wednesday by FanDuelbefore the company pulled back slightly.

FanDuel Sports Betting tweeted that its product will be launched “in 24 hours” to the VA online sports betting market, before later changing to “soon”:

The accompanying video from Wednesday’s tweet still states that the launch would be “tomorrow”. FanDuel users in Virginia also received activation emails Wednesday stating that both FanDuel would start “tomorrow” and “1/21”.

Requests to FanDuel to confirm the start time were not answered immediately.

The opening of the sports betting market in Virginia appeared to be on the verge of the industry gossip. However, obtaining information from Virginia regulators has proven nearly impossible, so the actual date remains a mystery.

Who Offers Sports Betting in Virginia?

In fact, even the identity of Virginia sports betting remains in question. The competitive application process could result in as many as possible 12 Online sports betting in the state.

However, regulators have kept almost all information about the process out of the public eye. The announcement from FanDuel is not only the first word of a start date, but also the first confirmation from one of the 25th Applicants.

LSR assumes that these companies have either submitted a sports betting application or otherwise expressed interest:

  • BetMGM
  • BetRivers
  • DraftKings Sports Betting
  • Handle 19
  • Hard rock
  • PointsBet
  • theScore Bet
  • US bookmaker
  • William Hill

Major league sports franchises building a new stadium in Virginia can also apply for a license. Up to five newly authorized casinos would also be eligible.

It takes Virginia two shots to get the shot

It took lawmakers two attempts to approve legal sports betting in Virginia.

Their first attempt in 2019 failed when lawmakers opposed the regulation of sports betting. Instead, they opted for further investigation into both sports betting and casino expansion.

Last year’s pass, however, proved successful as both neighboring states and professional sports teams went to great lengths. DC Sports betting began in 2020, giving the district a head start in the DMV space, albeit with a crippled mobile product. The voters next door gave the green light Maryland Sports betting in November, which allows a possible start in late 2021.

Washington soccer team owner Dan Snyder Last year lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia campaigned for legal sports betting to continue. Snyder reportedly dangled the carrot to build a new stadium in whichever state sports betting was legalized.

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