Reno metropolis, hearth fighters hit on false loss of life costs after deadly accident

Two Reno firefighters were recently hit with illegal death suits and one of them faces charges of manslaughter for misdemeanors. Why? Well, according to the lawsuit, they allegedly “gave a red light and killed a woman in 2019”.

Firefighter; Image courtesy of skeeze via Pixabay,

One of the firefighters, Rosa Myers, was “driving a fire truck when she made an illegal left turn and ran over 63-year-old Charlene McMaster, who was walking on a zebra crossing,” the suit reads. As the driver, Myers is the one facing charges of manslaughter for a misdemeanor. The other firefighter, Collin Cavanagh, and the Reno Fire Department and the City of Reno are all named as defendants in the lawsuit.

What happened? How did Myers come across McMaster? Well, on October 19, 2019, around 7:00 am, Myers and Cavanagh were “at the fire station on East 4th Street and Valley Road.” They refueled their truck, but to do so, “they had to drive away from the property and walk to the back of the station, a common task for firefighters,” the suit said. Myers drove the truck. To get to the rear of the station, she had to make three left turns: “One to exit the station, one to turn at the adjacent intersection, and a third left turn to the rear of the station … Cavanagh steered there.”

As they exited the station, they came across a red light. The suit says Myers “didn’t turn on the truck’s emergency lights, sirens, and the” pre-empt “button – which controls the intersection’s traffic signals so fire trucks can safely exit the station.” Unfortunately, McMaster was walking on the zebra crossing and had the right of way when Myers hit her with the truck. According to the suit, “McMaster was run over by wheels on all three axles of the truck, and Myers made the first left turn before stopping the truck.” When the truck stopped, Myers called for emergency help.

The complaint goes on to say:

“[Myers and Cavanagh] They failed to follow the logs, either weren’t vigilant enough or careful to become aware of their surroundings, or they just didn’t even bother looking at the road as they drove in and out. “

Commenting on the lawsuit and fatal incident, RFD fire chief Dave Cochran said:

“I am deeply saddened to know that our community was devastated by this tragic accident. The Reno fire department in particular is feeling enormous impact and loss. No words can describe how sorry I am for those affected and I would like to express my condolences from the bottom of my heart. At a time like this you may have safety concerns, but rest assured, the men and women of the Reno Fire Department remain committed to protecting and serving this community we call home. “


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