Pinterest is paying $ 22.5 million to settle the discrimination case in opposition to the previous COO

Pinterest will also invest $ 2.5 million in women’s empowerment and various jobs.

Pinterest has agreed to settle a $ 22.5 million lawsuit with former chief operating officer Francoise Brougher for gender discrimination and retaliation.

CNN reports that the deal was announced on Monday. The terms include a one-time investment of $ 2.5 million to empower women and underrepresented communities in the technology industry.

While Pinterest admitted no wrongdoing or liability, the company emphasized its emphasis on imparting job diversity.

Brougher and Pinterest also released a joint statement on the company’s preliminary path.

“Pinterest recognizes the importance of a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment and will continue its efforts to improve its culture,” the company said in a statement. “Francoise welcomes the significant steps Pinterest has taken to improve its work environment and encourages Pinterest to work to build a culture that enables all employees to feel included and supported.”

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CNN Business and the New York Times find that Brougher filed their lawsuit in August. In a complaint filed with the San Francisco County Supreme Court, Brougher alleged she was “brazenly fired” after complaining about gender bias on Pinterest’s rating models.

“While male executives were rewarded for their strong leadership style, Ms. Brougher was criticized for not complaining or being cooperative enough,” the lawsuit said. “In addition, Ms. Brougher was offered a less favorable pay structure than her male colleagues and she had to fight for equal treatment.”

Brougher also said she was fired by the company’s CEO, Ben Silbermann, after complaining to him and the HR director that Pinterest CFO Todd Morgenfeld made “degrading sexist comments” about her.

For her part, Brougher said she was pleased with the expected settlement as well as Pinterest’s role in facilitating a quick end to litigation.

“I’m glad Pinterest took this very seriously,” said Brougher. “I hope it is a first step towards creating a better working environment there.”

A company spokesperson also claimed, “Pinterest acted quickly to make the changes needed to keep all employees feeling supported and included.”

In addition to $ 2.5 million for promoting workplace diversity, Pinterest has committed to hiring two new board members and improving payroll transparency.

Brougher and her attorney David Lowe say the settlement is notable for its size, charitable component, and public awareness.

“My goal,” Brougher told the New York Times, “was to be accountable and drive change.” The public sharing of the settlement helps to raise awareness more generally. “

However, Brougher says she doesn’t believe that workplace discrimination won’t be a problem anywhere until women are better represented in business.

“I want more women to speak,” Brougher said. “But more importantly, I want more women in the C-suite.”


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