Nice Acres is paying $ 95,000 to settle false demise lawsuit

Earlier this week, Premier Healthcare announced plans to settle a lawsuit filed by the Nancy Young estate of unlawful death.

Premier Healthcare, the company that owns Pleasant Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, recently agreed to settle an unlawful death lawsuit on Nancy Young’s estate. Young was a senior resident of Pleasant Acres. She died on December 15, 2018, from injuries sustained from falling into a corridor on December 8.

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According to the lawsuit filed in York County in 2019, Young, “who had dementia, fell after trying to wander into another resident’s room and that resident slammed her door.” Pam Gay, a coroner of the county, ruled that “Young died of blunt injuries complicated by chronic medical problems, including cardiovascular disease.” In particular, Young suffered “a broken thigh, broken wrist and other injuries during the fall.”

When filing the lawsuit, Young’s estate argued that Pleasant Acres “did not properly supervise Young or provide her with equipment that she needed for the ambulance”. The property also found that the facility was understaffed at the time. A settlement was proposed earlier this year, and on January 6, Young’s estate “filed a motion in York County Court for approval of the proposed settlement for $ 95,000.” The settlement was approved the very next day. As part of the settlement, however, Pleasant Acres will not admit any wrongdoing, and Lisa Sofia, the CEO of Premier Healthcare, backed off the property’s allegations, saying:

“I can assure you that Pleasant Acres continues to provide high quality care and services to its residents.”

When asked about the allegations of staff shortage, Sofia said: “Every concern that we are made aware of, just like in the county, will be addressed.”

When Premier Healthcare took over the nursing home on October 3, 2018, the new management was informed by the staff that “there were not enough staff to properly care for the residents”. To make matters worse, the Department of Health had already informed Pleasant Acres of the personnel problem prior to Young’s fall, the lawsuit said. Additionally, “the facility knew that Young had a history of dementia and falls, and they knew that if they fell, they could be seriously injured,” the suit reads. In fact, Young “fell a few times after coming to Pleasant Acres in February 2018, including three times in her first month there, and her file noted that employees should use her walker and wear shoes,” the said Lawsuit further stated. The facility should also check on Young regularly.

The lawsuit states: “In November 2018, employees failed to check Young on eleven shifts, and no visual checks were made on Young on two out of seven days of the shift from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the first week of December. “In addition, the suit claimed that” the staff did not ensure that Young was using her walker or wearing shoes when she walked through the nursing home. ” The day she last fell, she was found, according to the suit, “lying on the floor of West Hall wearing only slipper socks and no walker.”


Pleasant Acres is settling the $ 95,000 death lawsuit

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