“Navika Kumar is jealous of Arnab Goswami,” claimed Republic TV, submitting a defamation lawsuit in opposition to her

Republic TVs, operated by ARG Outliner Media Pvt Ltd, have filed a defamation lawsuit against Times Now anchor Navika Kumar.

The complainant alleged that defamatory remarks had been made against Arnab Goswami in connection with the TRP case.

The defendant’s actions are to openly twist the facts


This case has been brought to the Patiala House Court in New Delhi.

The petitioner alleged that the defendant twisted facts without evidence and viciously defamed the complainant’s company.

The complainant alleged that:

The accused caused an immense loss of reputation
the public complaint overall and has dented the long
standing reputation of complaining company of
honest journalism with the utmost integrity
and ethics and boils down to spreading anger against them

The applicant alleged that the defendant was jealous of Arnab Goswami and his success.

The defendant is jealous and the defendant’s inability to match the success of the complaining company


The complainant asked the court to take the matter up and punish the accused under sections 499 and 500 of the IPC.

The complainant alleged that the defendant made false and malicious allegations against Arnab Goswami in the TRP fraud case.

The complainant alleged that the matter was still being investigated and that the defendant had her own media trial against the complainant.

Freedom of expression does not allow abuse or consideration of another’s honor or reputation, and the allegations made are clearly malicious and motivated only with the intent and knowledge of defaming the complainant.


The complainant alleged that Article 21 of the Constitution gave the right to reputation, which had been violated in the present case.

The complainant prayed that:

Provide the necessary orders and instructions to consider the present complaint and attempt to punish the accused under the Act for Committing a Crime under Section 499/500 IPC

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