Michigan Republicans open new lawsuit, citing weird conspiracy theories to get Biden off the bottom

The lawsuit, filed by a former Trump attorney, is riddled with spelling mistakes and appears to imply that a late Venezuelan dictator had something to do with Biden’s victory.

Michigan Republicans have filed another lawsuit demanding that a federal judge overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

The Detroit News reports that the lawsuit, filed in federal court Wednesday night, is based solely on conspiracy theories and blatantly false allegations.

Worryingly, the complaint was filed almost two days after the Michigan State Board of Canvassers had finished voting. Biden, according to the Detroit News, won Mitten State with nearly 154,000 votes.

According to the news, the lawsuit itself was filed by six Republicans – three potential electoral college voters and three local party officials. Her attorneys include Sidney Powell, who has worked closely with President Donald Trump’s legal team, at least in the past.

Powell’s arguments, as set out in the lawsuit,[rely] heavily on speculation “about so-called” irregularities “in the vote in Wayne County.

Wayne County is home to Detroit, Michigan’s largest and most populous city, and one of the largest black-majority communities in the United States.

Overall, Wayne County voted mostly for Biden.

The GM building in downtown Detroit. Image via maxpixel. Public domain.

Right-wing conspiracy theories, however, have claimed that county and city officials have somehow “manipulated” the historically democratic stronghold against Trump. To that end, Powell and her allies have petitioned the courts to invalidate tens of thousands of legally cast ballots.

“The relief sought is that the post office will no longer be counted on the ballot papers in the 2020 elections,” the lawsuit said. “Alternatively, Michigan state voters should be excluded from counting for the 2020 election.”

“Alternatively,” according to the lawsuit, “Michigan state voters should be instructed to vote for President Donald Trump.”

Powell’s complaint also requires Michigan to confiscate its voting machines and then turn them over for “expert inspection.”

And as a humorous demand, the lawsuit seeks that the Democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, “transmits” public, certified election results that declare Donald Trump the election winner. notes that the lawsuit itself is a little difficult to read – the filing is adversely affected by spelling and formatting errors. In one section, Powell claimed that “the TCFC center only has the ability to count Wayne County’s ballots,” with no spaces between words.

Powell, Bloomberg adds, has filed similar lawsuits in other states – these lawsuits are also tainted with spelling errors. In the case of a complaint in Georgia, Powell appears to have misspelled the word “district” repeatedly in various ways.

Interestingly, Powell has not proven any of their claims – ranging from “irregularities” in the Wayne County vote to bizarre allegations that Biden’s victory had something to do with the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Powell’s allegations are so insubstantial that she told Fox News to stop bothering her with her requests for confirmatory evidence.


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