Locates and guides youngsters who beg on the road to varsities – Bengaluru Civic Physique

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Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will conduct a survey. This survey will determine the number of children who are begging on the street. This includes the children who are street vendors.

Junctions, crowded places, traffic signals, markets, slums, etc. would be included in this survey.

The BBMP Deputy Commissioner Nagendra Naik said:

There are many children on the street who beg when they are supposed to study in schools. To identify such out-of-school children, we planned to conduct a door-to-door survey across the city.

All volunteers who will take part in this survey attended a one-day workshop.

The workshop was carried out by

BBMP, Karnataka State Legal Services Authority, Karnataka State Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Bengaluru Police, Department of Social Welfare and Department of Women and Child Welfare.

Not only will there be an introduction to the schools, but the committee will try to find out why. As in, the reason for the child’s begging. With that it could be stopped.

Once identified, they will be admitted to the school. The initiative is called as-

School on a bike

This agency requested ten old buses from BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation). These buses will be converted into a mobile school for these children.

A yellow bus has a whiteboard, cabinets for books, and enough space for children to sit for their lessons. Repurposing each bus will likely cost us Rs 4 lakh and they will be driven through the survey to slums and other areas where such children are. Teachers from schools run by the community are assigned to teach these children.

It is interesting to note that these children also benefit from the “lunchtime meals”.

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