Former Soulja Boy’s assistant says rappers beat, raped and caught her

Jane Doe’s plaintiff claims she had an extremely abusive relationship with Soulja Boy for almost a year. During that time he repeatedly beat, raped and financially exploited her.

A woman who previously worked as a personal assistant for rapper Soulja Boy has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, accusing him of physical and sexual assault.

NBC News reports that the lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles late last week. It tells of how the plaintiff – identified only as Jane Doe in court documents – worked with Soulja Boy in late 2018.

In her complaint, Doe alleges that Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, molested her shortly after she was hired. For example, Way sent her an unsolicited picture of his penis, after which he began to make romantic and sexual progress.

The lawsuit states that Doe and Way were friendly, if only for a short time. In January 2019, Way reportedly started abusing his partner.

At some point in February, the complaint states, Way Doe sexually assaulted for the first time. He expressed remorse and then tried to compensate for the act by giving her $ 1,000 in cash.

Way’s misconduct escalated, however. Doe claims that Way touched her inappropriately on numerous occasions, sometimes taking off her clothes, and engaging in non-consensual sex.

Way’s sexual abuse was also accompanied by verbal and physical aggression.

“During the course of this abusive relationship, the Defendant Way hit the plaintiff directly in the head at least ten times,” the lawsuit states.

In one case, Way allegedly told Doe that he “should have killed” her.

Way often followed up with apologetic remarks, saying he “didn’t mean it”.

However, according to Doe, Way continued to hurt and molest her with no regrets. When she tried to quit her job and leave, Way allegedly locked her in a room with no hot water for three days.

The abuse continued until the summer of 2019. In August, Way “attacked the plaintiff so hard she thought she was going to die” and barely managed to regain consciousness and escape.

Soulja Boy on the cover of the Spring 2012 issue of DOPE Magazine. Image via Wikimedia Commons / Uploader: Arialyssa. (CCA-BY-3.0).

When Doe finally decided to cut off all contact with Way and went to his house to collect her belongings, “he refused to return the applicant’s belongings and instead took the opportunity to rape the applicant again.”

In addition to the multiple abuses alleged, Doe says Soulja Boy never paid her for the work she did in his employment.

“Way’s treatment of our client as an employee and as a person worthy of respect has traumatized and feared her,” said Does’s attorney Neama Rahmani. “Her abuse has locked her physically, mentally, and emotionally. When she found the courage to flee, he impoverished her. Its exploitation has severely affected our clients’ ability to re-establish themselves in the workplace and in society. We believe he should be held accountable. “

NBC News notes that other women, including an ex-girlfriend, also accused Way of abuse and wrongful imprisonment.


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