False demise administration declare filed over Deadly Arches Nationwide Park incident

Arches National Park was recently named in $ 270 million after the death of Esther Nakajjigo, a 25-year-old woman, in the park.

Earlier this week, Arches National Park was hit by a US $ 270 million unlawful death lawsuit after a 25-year-old woman was killed in the popular park. According to the lawsuit, Esther Nakajjigo, a human rights activist from Uganda, was “unnecessarily beheaded on June 13 by a metal gate that swung into the car she and her husband were in as they exited a parking lot in Arches National Park.”

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Shortly after the incident, Arches National Park posted the following post on Facebook:

“On Saturday June 13th, a single vehicle accident occurred on the access road to Arches National Park near the visitor center. The entrance to Arches National Park was closed for several hours during the initial investigation into the accident …There was one death that resulted from the accident. Emergency personnel from the National Park Service, Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County EMS, Utah Highway Patrol, Moab City Police Department, and Moab Valley Fire Department responded to the scene to assist in the accident …The Grand County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the accident and is still ongoing. Our condolences go to the family members of the deceased and our thanks to all the authorities who responded to help in the accident. “

The lawsuit, filed on October 22, alleges that if the gate had been “properly installed or an $ 8 padlock attached to the gate to protect it from wind movement, the world would not have lost a young influencer destined to ours to become the future Princess Diana of society, the philanthropist Melinda Gates or Oprah Winfrey. “

Ludovic Michaud, Nakajjigo’s husband, escaped unscathed, but noted in the suit that he was “covered from head to toe in his wife’s blood.” As a result of the tragic incident, he is demanding compensation of $ 270 million. In a recent interview, Michaud said, “Our mission is to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Speaking of his late wife, he added:

“She was always ready to help … I was inches away from dying, but I didn’t, and right now I have a mission: to make sure what she’s done goes on.”

Deborah Chang, a Los Angeles-based trial attorney, said there was nothing Michaud could do to get out of the way. However, she noted that “park officials may have done a lot to avoid the tragedy, including taking notes when inspecting the gate and putting the $ 8 padlock on the gate.”

An administrative claim is required before a lawsuit can be officially filed. The lawsuit for this case is expected to be dismissed in the coming months.


Report: Woman beheaded in Arches National Park, fined $ 270 million in death penalty

The beheading of women in Arches National Park results in a $ 270 million death, according to NBC News

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