Extra to do earlier than Tennessee Sports activities Betting launches November 1st

With Tennessee Sports betting that is supposed to go online in less than two weeks still has to be done before the operators can officially start.

The Tennessee Education Lottery A special meeting on sports betting was held on Friday. It is not surprising that a state would hold a special meeting shortly before the launch. Colorado stopped some of them in order to get operators and providers approved for their 1st of May start.

The content of the Tennessee meeting made some people scratch their heads. Lottery officials took hours to discuss how certain rules for TN sports betting are worded to better align with state law.

Most surprisingly, it’s still unclear when TN sports betting apps will actually go live in the state. The official start is for 1st of November but when you consider that is a NFL Betting Sunday that could wreak havoc if any issues arise.

lottery CEO Rebecca Hargrave The proposed operators could start a few hours early in the day to solve problems. The fact that Tennessee is still in the “could” phase instead of the “wants” phase at this point sums up the state’s rollout for sports betting.

Take some time to start TN sports betting

Here’s a refresher on the Tennessee sports betting timeline:

  • May 2019: Governor Bill Lee allowed sports betting to go into law without a signature.
  • Fall 2019: The Sports betting advisory board, consisting of people without a gaming background, had not been filled out until then.
  • November 2019: The first look at draft regulations came in and seemed a bit chaotic from the start. This included the first mention that operators must hold a certain percentage.
  • August 2020: The lottery announces that sports betting will start on November 1st. This is now controversial 10% Hold was official. That’s roughly the same time the original person hired to help get started. Jennifer Robertsannounced that she would be leaving for a private sector job. The lottery was hired Danielle Boyd, a former West Virginia Lottery Director and William Hill Lobbyist to oversee the November 1st launch.
  • September 2020: The lottery confirmed its first sports betting provider. However, there were only three – BetMGM, DraftKings Sports Betting and FanDuel Sports Betting.

Other Tennessee operators in the queue

A fourth sports betting provider, Tennessee Action 24/7is licensed but may not start in time. Amelco, its sports betting provider, has not yet received its license.

It will be interesting to see the local operator started by the owner of a payday loan company battle the big names. The operator offers a $ 10 Bonus for new bettors, but both DraftKings and FanDuel offer $ 50 Bonuses for those in Tennessee who sign up for sports betting accounts before the apps are actually live.

There are also three unnamed operators with applications submitted, although they are unlikely to hit the November 1st launch date.

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