Ensure COVID-19 patients – Bombay HC – receive remdesivir on time

The Bombay Supreme Court ordered the state to ensure that the Covid-19 patients are not forced to run from the column to the post for the antiviral drug remdesivir and that this is available to patients at the appropriate hospital or COVID center is provided.

The bank called on the state to smooth drug supplies through a hotline that citizens should be able to reach around the clock.

The bank, made up of the Chief Justice of Bombay, asked the state to appoint the necessary staff to operate this facility with the helpline number and deliver the drug at the required hospital or COVID center.

These instructions were given during the hearing of a PIL filed by COVID management in the state. The PIL highlighted the lack of remdesivir, oxygen supply, issues related to bed management, as well as related to RT-PCR and rapid antigen testing.

The bank also confirmed citizens’ liability, stating that their negligent behavior was contributing to the second wave of COVID-19.

The bank further emphasized that every citizen who has a legal right has a corresponding legal obligation. If citizens had been careful, the complications would not have arisen and the whole country could stop the pandemic from spreading.

The bank said it was high time that citizens fulfilled their obligation to society and did not indulge in any activity that could lead to a further increase in cases of this deadly virus.

The bank also accepted the petitioner’s recommendation that the state authorize more laboratories to collect samples and perform the tests.

Through this PIL, Bank Maharashtra issued a series of instructions that could smooth out the COVID-19 management system and inhibit the spread of viruses.

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