Do I want an worker compensation lawyer?

Employee claims for damages can be very complex. There are many factors that can negatively affect your case.

An injury at work can be devastating. If you or a loved one has been injured at work and you are unsure whether you should hire an attorney for your workers’ compensation claims, this article explains why and when to use an attorney after an injury.

What is employee compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides financial benefits to workers suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses. The policy is a policy without errors. Benefits are granted to the victim regardless of who is to blame, what caused the injury, regardless of whether it is the fault of an employer, employee, employee, customer or a third party.

What Are the Benefits of New York State Workers Compensation?

The insurance covers your medical bills, part of your lost wages, disability benefits and expenses, and offers professional rehabilitation and death benefit benefits.

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Why should you hire an employee representation lawyer?

After an injury, the employee’s indemnity insurers investigate before paying out cash benefits. The insurance companies have well-trained agents, lawyers and experts. Your only job is to defend insurance companies and look after their interests. Therefore, to protect your interests and get full and fair compensation for your damages, you need an employee representation lawyer.

Employee claims for damages can be very complex. There are many factors that can negatively affect your case.

Some of the factors are:

  • Your employer denies that the injury occurred at work.
  • Your claim will be delayed or denied.
  • You have an underlying health condition.
  • Your employer claims you can work while you are recovering.
  • Your benefits are miscalculated and don’t cover all of your expenses.
  • Your injury has caused temporary or permanent disability.

All of these factors could make it difficult for you to process your claim. Hiring an attorney who specializes in employee compensation will walk you through the whole process and will be committed to ensuring that you get the best compensation you deserve.

Costly Hiring an Employee Comp Lawyer?

Compensation attorneys do not charge hourly rates or upfront fees. Compensation attorneys work for no profit and no fee. The lawyer will discuss the fee with you at the beginning. As soon as you agree, the fee will only be calculated if your claim is successful.

When should you contact a lawyer?

You should contact and consult the lawyer as soon as possible after the injury.

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