Cyber ​​Report wins greatest weblog at LA Press Membership Awards

At the virtual Southern California Journalism Awards that night, the Los Angeles Press Club named Cyber ​​Report Best Single Blog for its post: “Six Things You Should Know About Devin Nunes’ Bizarre Trial Of Twitter And A Tweeting Cow.”

The judges stated:

Well-written and well-researched overview and presentation of facts. Thank you for not overusing “legalese” and for clarifying the case for the layman without oversimplifying it.

Southern California Journalism Awards Judges’ Comments

Cyber ​​Report also won first prize at the 2011 Southern California Journalism Awards.

We thank the Los Angeles Press Club and its judges for the honor and congratulations to the other nominees, including:

  • Donna Balancia, Californian rocker, “RIP Ric Ocasek”
  • Scott Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter, “The Race”
  • Brad A. Johnson, Food & Travel Blog, “Review: Lo Sereno Hotel in Troncones, Mexico”
  • Sharon Waxman, TheWrap, Rap, “The Decade When Hollywood Breached – In Praise of the 2010s”

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August 29, 2020 at the Southern California Journalism Awards. Tags: Devin Nunes, Los Angeles Press Club, Southern California Journalism Awards

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