Correctional Officer kicked fully reticent inmates within the face

The prison correction officer is caught on camera and kicks the inmate in the face.

A lawsuit was filed in the Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County after video footage showed that Hamilton County Jail inmate Courtney Walters was being held by three correction officers (and a fourth who stood above her) when April Jones was making corrections to her face kicked. The incident occurred back in August 2019.

One of the staff told the investigators ‘correction officer, “Jones kicked Walter’s football style in the face,” according to the complaint from Walters’ attorney Robert Newman. “After that, you could see Jones laughing …” After the injury, Newman reported that his client “had a cut on her face and continued to have pain and headaches.” Although other officials were involved, Jones is the only defendant named in the lawsuit. It is unclear whether the prison took corrective action against them.

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An internal affairs report said in part: “Walters was out of her cell for a permitted hour when she started arguing with another inmate. Two correction officers eventually went to Walters and tried to force her back to her cell, but she refused and resisted, which resulted in a fight. A cry for help went out and two other proofreaders finally answered. It wasn’t until the fourth arrived that the officers were able to pull Walters to the ground. Three then held Walters and tried to handcuff her … The fourth correction officer, Jamelia Durham, told investigators that she believed things were under control. “April Jones ran into the capsule and kicked her face. Walters lay flat on his stomach and did not wrestle or move. Jones told a supervisor that she didn’t want to kick Walters. “

The footage is the most telling, according to the plaintiff’s attorney. The lawsuit states: “Jones used excessive force in violation of the Fourth and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. Walters, 23, has been held in prison for murder since April 2019. She is accused of luring a man into a car before another man fatally shot him. “

This isn’t the first time Hamilton County has had excessive violence issues. In July, Sgt. Jesse Franklin was charged with assault after videotaping revealed that he also kicked an inmate in the head. Prosecutor Joe Deters stated, “Nick Ballachino was arrested for disorderly conduct while drunk and interfering with official business and was taken to the justice center. When the MPs and Ballachino arrived, he became combative with the officials who tried to deal with him. Ballachino bit Franklin’s left foot while the officers tried to subdue him. “Deters said the video shows Franklin reacting to the bite by kicking Ballachino.

“Not everyone has the temperament to be a cop. In this case, and as throughout my career, if I see criminal violations, I will pursue them according to the law, ”Deters said, adding,“ Maintaining a professional police force in the 21st century is expensive for society, but it pays off from itself many times over. Actions like these are a tough reminder that resources must be devoted to recruiting the right type of officials and ensuring they have the right equipment, knowledge, training, and temperament to get the job done, that the citizens want and expect. “


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