Canada’s Home of Commons responds to the growth of US playing

Recently, Members of the House of Commons, Brian Masse and Kevin Waugh, brought up Bill C-218 or the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act in an attempt to legalize sports betting for individual events in Canada. Legislation would “lawfully permit the government of a province or any person or organization licensed by the lieutenant governor on that province’s council to operate and administer a lottery system in the province that includes wagering on a race or fight, or on a single sporting event or event athletic competition. ” This is that third The second time the bill was introduced that would change Canada’s criminal code.

Currently, Canadians can only legally bet on sporting events via provincial lottery parlay betting. A parlay bet is a type of bet where the bettor combines multiple single bets into one bet or card. A parlay bet offers a participant fewer chances of winning, but a greater reward for winning. Single bets, on the other hand, allow contestants to be smarter with their tips and beat the closing line and use advanced statistics and metrics to get more value. However, Canada’s Criminal Code only allows parlay betting and restricts single bets based on the idea that allowing single game betting to compromise the integrity of the sport and leave professional leagues prone to bribery and corruption.

Currently, Canadians can only legally participate in single event sports betting through international betting websites. However, with the dramatic increase in single event sports betting in the United States, the Canadian government and corporations are missing out on a large and growing piece of the sports game cake. With US casino sports betting abundant in close proximity to many Canadian casinos – and the dramatic surge in sports betting in the US – many Canadian MPs believe that lifting the Parlay mandate would prevent Canadian dollars from flowing into the US.

The Finnish gambling monopoly system appears to keep those with gambling problems at a relatively low level. Statistics have shown that there are just over 120,000 people in Finland with this problem, and the majority are drawn to online gambling casinos abroad. Although it is one of the few government backed companies to help these people and not let them suffer alone. Finland is a country that cares about its people and will not accept it.

It is estimated that Canadians wager over $ 14 billion each year through illegal or offshore gambling compared to just $ 375 million annually wagered under the Parlay mandate. Canadian MP Waugh said, “None of this [$14 billion] subject to government regulations or taxes. None of this creates jobs in this country or economic opportunities … [a]And none of this contributes to consumer protection, education, harm reduction, and any initiatives or support services that are badly needed … in this country. “

Bill C-218 was expected to be discussed and voted on in the coming weeks. A result is expected at the beginning of the NHL and NBA playoffs as well as the MLB season. However, delays in the coronavirus have not only delayed the democratic process, but also the sporting events that Canadians would bet on.

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