Authorized motion after implant fixation results in full-body scars

Young woman diagnosed as septic after routine breast implant fixation.

Ashleigh Cope, 23, attended VIP Plastic Surgery to correct a complication from a previous breast augmentation. Due to serious complications related to this supposedly simple solution, 40% of her body is now covered in scars and she is suing Dr. Christopher Khorsandi for misconduct and neglect.

“The medical records cited in her lawsuit describe the deformity she needed to fix,” said her attorney Matthew Hoffmann. “She had what is known as a double bladder.” It was a failed breast implant. “

Dr. Khorsandi, who put her on, recommended liposuction and a fat graft to solve the problem.

“It would be in his office and it would be a minor process,” said Cope. However, Khorsandi’s office is not a surgical center. She added, “He said it doesn’t have to be in a center that they do it all the time. Of course I trusted my doctor. “

The procedure to fix the implant took place in November. On Feb. 26, 2019, and just hours later, Cope became seriously ill, doubled over in pain, and kept vomiting. She said, “I was getting worse and worse. The pain was just unbearable. “

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She was supposed to come back the next day, and Dr. Khorsandi offered her nausea medication and IV fluids. Cope stated, “I don’t really remember much after that.”

Dr. Unable to stop the vomiting, Khorsandi sent Cope to the emergency room at Green Valley Ranch, a division of Henderson Hospital that is part of the Valley Health System.

“And said that he would call there for us so we can get on and off as quickly as possible,” said her mother Andrea Cope.

Hoffman recalled, “She’s going to the emergency room in Green Valley. It is diagnosed as septic. And she was held there for about nine hours. Nine hours! ”There were no beds available in the intensive care unit.

“She had septic shock for a reason that the doctors couldn’t find,” the lawsuit said, which goes on to say, “There was no documented examination of her surgical site – the lower back where the liposuction was located. “

“I recognized it,” said her mother. “I saw the tracks on her first.” The stains were caused by carnivorous bacteria, most likely from an unsterile environment or improperly disinfected equipment. The problem quickly spread throughout Cope’s body, resulting in multiple organ failure and massive tissue loss.

“If you can’t stabilize or accommodate a patient, you need to transfer them to a higher level of care,” said Hoffmann. “You can’t take them hostage until your parents’ hospital has an opening.”

A lawyer for Henderson Hospital and Green Valley Ranch Emergency Department issued a statement: “Our highest priority at the Green Valley Ranch Emergency Department and Henderson Hospital is the health and safety of our patients. Due to patient privacy laws and pending legal action, we are unable to provide specific comments on care and treatment. However, when the evidence is presented on this matter, it will show that the Green Valley Ranch Emergency Department and Henderson Hospital have provided adequate care and treatment and taken all necessary steps in a timely manner to address the unique medical issues presented in this case. We stand behind the treatment provided by our caring staff and express our condolences for the patient’s situation and our hope for her full recovery. “


Plastic surgery results in carnivorous bacteria that almost kill young women, according to a lawsuit

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