Attraction to the Madhya Pradesh Excessive Court docket in opposition to varied social media for spreading group hatred

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A PIL has been filed with the Madhya Pradesh High Court. This PIL is against Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. The main claim is that these platforms distribute unregulated and unrestricted content.

Plea contends that these platforms share and disseminate communal hatred, hate crime, sexually offensive content and content equally.

The plea also concerns the apparent violations of intellectual property rights, data protection and various other criminal provisions.

Plea is working to regulate these social media giants. It is argued that these provisions would fall under Article 19 (2) of the Constitution.

There are mainly three reliefs sought:

  • Remove the illegal content
  • Policies drawn up by these companies to prevent such content within 24 hours of uploading
  • Application of Sections 69 and 69A of the IT Act to block offensive content.

Against the new data protection guideline of the WhatsApp was asked for additional relief. The petitioner is looking for remedial action that could lead to the repeal of the latest data protection legislation.

Case: Maatr Foundation v Union of Indian and Ors

Advocate: Amay Bajaj, Ashi Vaidya, Mansi Dubey, Paritosh Shrivastava and Purvi Khandelwal.

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