Arizona Tribal Casinos, Professional groups included within the sports activities betting proposal

Sports betting proposals have been shot down in Arizona over the past few years for a variety of reasons, but 2021 could be different.

This is due to two important factors.

First, Governor Doug Ducey stated he wanted legal AZ sports betting in his country address. Second, Ducey told lawmakers that he had renegotiated contracts with Arizona’s gaming strains that were about to expire 2022. This allows for further expansion of the game in addition to Kenoand could indicate a wider appetite for compromise.

A common proposal in HB 2772 and SB 1797 would legalize sports betting as well as daily fantasy sports and keno.

Both have been read twice and will receive committee hearings next week. Sports betting is only permitted once these newly negotiated contracts have been signed and approved at the federal level.

Suggested Details on Sports Betting in Arizona

The proposed legislation – referred to as event betting in the actual bills – says that sports betting can be done by game tribes on their land and by professional sports teams. NASCAR and the PGA tour Off reservation.

There would be 20th Total licenses, half for professional athletes and half for tribal operators. That could get a setback considering that there are 16 Tribes that operate 24 Casinos across the state.

There are also fewer than 10 professional sports providers who would qualify as organizers:

  • Diamondbacks from MLB
  • NBAs suns and WNBA’s Mercury (both owned by Robert Sarver)
  • Cardinals of the NFL
  • NHL’s coyotes
  • Phoenix Raceway
  • TPC Scottsdale

Also kiosks in the game

The stadiums, arenas and courses associated with the teams and leagues above could also offer betting kiosks. You could also work with a racecourse to offer betting there too. Their apps would be geofenced, but so they couldn’t operate on tribal land.

The bills suggest that each licensee can have more than one online sports betting skin with no maximum listed. The event betting providers could be licensed for 5 years while sports betting operators would get two years Licenses.

No fees or tax rates were defined in the invoices.

What kind of bets would be allowed?

The proposal specifically legalizes betting on both Sports and Olympic Competitions. These can sometimes be overlooked or not explicitly allowed, creating confusion for regulators.

Betting on the outcome of college sports is allowed under the proposal, but prop bets on college events are prohibited. Bettors were allowed to bet on state schools.

The Arizona Department of Gaming is given the authority to authorize the types of props and parlays that can be offered for professional sports.

Professional sports leagues held their own pretty well on the bill. You can request real-time betting data from operators and make agreements with licenses for n Integrity fee.

Official league dates would also be required if a league was requested.

Other states could benefit from AZ sports betting

Arizona has five border states, three of which – Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico – All have some form of legal sports betting. The weather in these two other border states is hopeful California and Utah could benefit.

Sports betting in California is a touchy subject that tribal gambling operators want sports betting for themselves. And you may have a better chance of meeting a unicorn than passing sports betting in Utah.

The fact that no personal registration is mentioned in the legislation means that bettors in either state only need to travel to Arizona to legally place a bet.

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