3. Nationwide Seminar on Media and Regulation of the Middle for Excellence – SVKMs NMIMS KIRIT P. Mehta Faculty of Regulation, Mumbai

About the opportunity

NMIMS The Kirit P. Mehta School of Law in Mumbai is organizing the 3rd edition of the seminar at the national level on January 23, 2021 on the general topic of “Media and Law”. The seminar is organized by Competence center The university’s research center aims to significantly improve legal research and development by integrating it into related disciplines.

About the organizer

SVKM NMIMS ‘Kirit P. Mehta School of Law (Classified University) was established in 2013 and approved by the Lawyers Council of India with the aim of providing high quality legal education to learners in the field of law. It aims to be a global center for academic brilliance in the field of law and justice and to prepare socially responsible lawyers with a comprehensive legal education.

The Center for Excellence was founded in 2018 as a research center of the NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law in Mumbai with the aim of promoting research and education in the field of law and related disciplines. The center conducts a national seminar on interdisciplinary topics in order to receive high quality input from recognized experts and students across India. The seminar offers the researchers a recognized platform for the collaboration of knowledge and know-how in various areas of law.

About the seminar

Media was an integral part of society, but its role was never fully recognized. It is responsible for disseminating critical information, educational opportunities, and entertainment, and most importantly, serves as a public forum for the discussion of major issues and acts as a watchdog for government, corporations, and other institutions. Historically, the importance of the media was recognized in the 1450s. With rapid technological advances and ceaseless industrialization, new forms of media for information dissemination and broadcasting have been discovered, which pose innumerable challenges. Currently, the Internet is the fastest way to penetrate communication, and so content regulation has become a sore point for almost all of government. Nowadays it is extremely important to educate people about their responsibility to civil society through an appropriate display of knowledge and information. It is therefore compulsory for all of us to understand the amalgamation of the two disciplines “law” and “media” in order to determine the role of law in regulating media behavior, especially when the frequency of access to information is much higher.

Goal setting

This national seminar, organized by the Kirit P. Mehta School of Law in Mumbai, aims to examine the intrinsic relationship between media and law and to create the conditions for a rich discussion of the feasibility of media law, with the The field concerned is the focus of recent developments in Mumbai. In addition, the seminar promotes the exploratory approach to all unanswered questions and the unused ambiguities regarding the topic in question.

Who can participate?

This seminar is particularly open to all students who are enrolled in various disciplines media and Law, Researchers, academics, professors.

Call for synopsis

The submission in the form of 700-1000 words Research Synopsis is invited to be presented at the 3rd edition of the National Seminar.

Submission guidelines

  • The abstract of the research paper should be submitted in DOC / DOCX format with the following specifications:

1. Font: Times New Roman

2. Font size: 12 points

3. Line spacing: 1.5

4.Footnote font: Times New Roman

5.Footnotes font size: 10 points

6. Footnotes line spacing: 1

7. Margin to be 1 inch on all sides

8th quote: Every uniform citation pattern

  • Participants must submit their theses after the seminar. The organizers will communicate the date for this during the seminar.

Awards & prizes

  • The top 3 moderators receive cash prizes.

Registration and fee

  • Student Single Author: Rs.500 / –
  • Student Co-Authors (1): Rs.800 / –
  • Student Co-Authors (2): Rs.1000 / –
  • Professionals / Academics / Scientists: Rs.900 / –

Important data

Deadline for submitting the synopsis: January 17, 2021

Communication of the selected summary: January 18, 2021

Deadline for payment of registration fees: January 19, 2021

Date of the seminar: January 23, 2021

Registration link

Contact information

Swastika Nandwani

Chairman of the competence center.

Phone: +91 9821313595

Hiteshi Wadhwani

Deputy Chairman of the Competence Center.

Phone: +91 9407887013

Vedant Agarwal

Department heads, registrations.

Phone: +91 9987301515

Vrinda Tiwari

Department heads, registrations.

Phone: +91 9617633080


Core member, registrations.

Phone: +91 9050800028


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