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The Sales Funnel For Effective Online Marketing

Apr 26

For a long time the sales funnel has been integral to traditional marketing and business. I have observed that funnels for Internet businesses are becoming more well-known.

It is evident that many want to know more about this idea and the ways they can apply it in their online businesses marketing efforts. If you would like to learn more about sales funnels to help you with efficient Internet marketing, I encourage you to continue reading.

The Sales Funnel: What is it?

A marketing funnel isn't a real funnel. The use of the word "funnel" for this marketing concept is simply to aid in visualizing and explaining a sales process from the beginning to the end. The funnel is a clear comparison because it permits potential customers to be "Unqualified prospects" at the top, and more narrow chances for conversions to sales at the lower levels.

People that are "unqualified prospects" are at the upper end of the funnel. These are people who have never spoken to you but may be interested in your products or services. You'll have many opportunities and sales later and you'll have people who've purchased your product/service.

The effectiveness of a lead generation funnel is also due to the capability to monitor the actions of your prospects throughout the sales process. It is possible to predict the number potential customers using the sales funnel, by being aware of the number of qualified prospects throughout the process.

A sales funnel allows you to determine exactly how is going on and how your sales strategy is not working or succeeding, or if your campaign isn't attracting enough potential customers at any point in the process. This information can help you decide where your goal is and the best way you can keep sales at the right amount. It's used to measure and control the process of selling of customers.

The Sales Funnel Top - Front - End

Your sales funnel's top is the most active and most important area in your sales process. It requires constant testing. You'll discover virtually limitless front-end strategies that are limited only by your imagination and resources.

The front-end objective is to attract new customers and convert them to buyers.

A prospective client will be "qualified" once they have signed up to the product or service you offer. This is when the prospective customer, or "Unqualified Prospect", becomes a qualified lead. They've taken a step that shows that they may be interested in the product or service you offer.

To make your front-end effective it is essential to drive targeted traffic towards your blog, website, squeeze page, or blog. PPC advertisements articles, banners, article marketing, PPC advertisements, social media (Google+ Twitter Facebook YouTube), YouTube banners, blog posts, forum posting and many other sources are among the most efficient methods and resources.

You'll find that there are a variety of tools available to "qualify" the "Unqualified prospect". The most efficient is the squeeze page. Here you can offer something valuable that is related to your product/service that people are able to get for no cost or at a reduced price in exchange of their email. There are many products available such as newsletters, videos, emails, courses, eBooks, and related reports.

The front-end of your sales funnel is where potential customers are attracted to you. Now what about the back-end?


The Bottom of The Funnel: The Back-End

The back-end, or bottom of the sales funnel are where the major sales and profits occur. This is where you will find your most expensive products. Basically these would be appropriate to the same market however they are delivered in a different format such as video, audio, live interaction or private consultation.

The primary difference between the front-end and the back-end is regarding the kind of customer as well as the price of the product or service which is offered.

Although it is true that only 1-2 percent of the people who access the front end will be able access your back-end, this small percent may not be of any significance. This is fine, given the fact that this particular few will be investing more money.

Although front-end products and services may be less expensive than $100, back-end services and products are usually priced at the range of hundreds to even thousands. This makes the back-end or bottom of the sales funnel the primary source of income for your Internet business, it's also the most reliable and stable area in this sales funnel.

As I mentioned, the sales funnel may be as simple or as complex as your imagination or resources permit.

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