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Former Rocbattle Owner Allen Brown Launches Buybeats

Apr 16

Former Rocbattle Owner Allen Brown Launches To Pay Artists & Producers In 3 Unique Ways?

Are you looking for a new way to sell beats online? Check out this brand new beat selling website with a Twist by Allen Brown aka FatFingers {Rocbattle Creator}. New system to pay producers and artists in 3 separate ways.


One of the members of Daniel Hartnett aka The Corporatethief Beats has recorded this in-depth guide for Here he shows how artists and producers can cash in this game-changing method of selling beats online.


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The Main Problem With Selling Beats Online 


The process of selling beats is difficult, and it can be hard to find the right buyer who will pay you what your beats are worth. 


Thousands of talented music producers struggle to make a name for themselves and sell their beats. It's hard to get your music heard above all the noise, and it's even harder to get paid what your beats are worth. was created with producers like you in mind. They offer an easy way for you to sell your beats directly to buyers who are looking for fresh new sounds. With the marketplace, you can easily connect with buyers from all over the world, and get paid instantly when someone purchases one of your beats.

About Allen Brown and

Back in 2005, Allen Brown better known as "Fatfingers", launched a game-changing beat website called Rocbattle. It gave up and coming producers the ability to sell their hip hop beats online without a website. The site also provided hip hop artists access to affordable music production. Rocbattle had a massive twist. 


It gave producers the ability to battle their hip hop beats against other producers for cash prizes. Rocbattle also gave rise to top industry music producers like YoungFyre and The Cratez. 


The website, which grew to over 130k members and paid out millions in rewards for independent music production? Its legacy lives on through its former operator Allen Brown who took a break from the scene after 9 years. 


How To Make Money Selling Beats Online With


Allen is now back with a unique beat selling website that pays artists and producers commissions for promoting one another. 


Let's face it. The old way of selling beats online is outdated and inefficient. 


One of the major flaws with promoting yourself on some of the major beat selling websites like Airbit ,Soundclick and Beat Stars is that you only make money if someone buys a beat from you. This can be difficult when there are so many other producers competing for attention. 


The old way of selling beats online is no longer effective. Music producers are sharing their beat links all over the internet, but they're only paid if someone buys a beat from them. This system is outdated and doesn't offer the best return on investment. 


Allen's Buy Beats Website is the solution to this problem. As a member, you will make more money when you promote your beats. They designed the system to pay producers and artists in 3 UNIQUE WAYS!!! When you share your beat link and customers sign up, they are now considered your customers.


Artists and Music Producers Are Getting Paid following a SIMPLE and EASY Beat Promotion Program.


If you're an artist or producer looking for more exposure, then this is the perfect way to get started. All it takes are some easy steps and your music can be heard by millions across different platforms!


If you're an artist or music producer looking to get your next big break, this is the perfect opportunity for success. The program has been proven both effective in getting talent heard by audiences and generating revenue through the built-in affiliate marketing system. 


Producers no longer have to compete with one another and know with they can promote one another and profit at the same time. 


Artists can also recoup some of their music production spending by becoming an affiliate for the producers on the website.


You don't have to be a music producer to join!


You don't even have to be an artist! This new beat website with a twist welcomes anyone who is looking for a passive income online. The platform offers great opportunities for producers, promoters, managers, social media influencers, and labels.


The music industry is cut-throat and it's hard for producers to make a name for themselves, let alone sell their beats. 


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With, producers can bypass all of the hassle and sell their beats directly to music labels, artists, and other music industry professionals. They offer an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of sounds and styles that are sure to appeal to any artist or producer.


With the built-in affiliate marketing system, you'll be able to build your own business on our website. will provide all the support you need so that you can succeed in the music industry. Join us today and start making money from your passion for music!


To learn more about and how to cash in on selling beats online visit the website at