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Boynton Beach, FL: Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Jan 10

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you must speak with an attorney in Boynton Beach, FL. Accident accidents can be very traumatic for both the pedestrian and their family. If you are not familiar with what to do after an accident, this article has helpful information. Pedestrian injury attorneys in Boynton Beach, FL have seen all kinds of pedestrian accidents throughout their careers, so they know how to help the victim through the process of recovery.

What is a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian accidents are some of the most common types of car crashes, but they can also be among some of the most devastating. Every year thousands of pedestrians lose their lives because someone is not paying attention to what is going on around them. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident caused by another driver's negligence, make sure that you hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Boynton Beach and have experience handling injury claims for people who were struck while walking or standing near the road.

Who can be held liable for a pedestrian accident?

The pedestrian, the car driver, or both parties can be held liable for a pedestrian accident. If a pedestrian crosses the street at a crosswalk and is hit by a car, the driver would likely be held liable. However, if the pedestrian was walking in the middle of the street instead of using a crosswalk, they may be found partially at fault for the accident. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, it is essential to speak with an attorney to determine who is responsible and what damages you may be able to recover. Our firm has different attorneys for your service which includes Personal Injury Attorney Boynton Beach, Truck Accident Attorney Boynton Beach, Bicycle Accident Attorney Boynton Beach and Wrongful Death Attorney Boynton Beach

The different types of injuries that pedestrians may suffer in accidents.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to various injuries, some more severe than others. Some common injuries include: Head injuries; these can be very serious and may result in a concussion or even brain damage. Neck injuries; pedestrians may suffer a neck injury if they are hit by a car and thrown forward. This type of injury can be hazardous and may require surgery. Broken bones; pedestrians are much more likely to break a bone if they are struck by a vehicle than if they fall on the ground. Broken bones often require extensive rehabilitation. Internal injuries; if a pedestrian is hit by a car, they may suffer injuries such as lacerations or organ damage. These types of injuries can be life-threatening.

What should you do if you are injured in a pedestrian accident?

First, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Even if the injuries appear minor at first, they must be checked out thoroughly by a doctor or emergency room physician because any pedestrian injury can be compounded over time and worsen without proper treatment. If your injuries don't seem serious enough for an ER visit, then see your primary care physician as soon as possible so they can rule out anything more severe than initially thought. Also, make sure to take notes on everything about the incident itself, including times, names of people involved (including witnesses), conversations with police officers, and other individuals who may have information relevant to your case. Then contact our office because we will want this information before agreeing to represent you in court.


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