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Expert Domestic Violence Attorney - East Greenwich, RI

Jan 3

Need a domestic violence attorney in East Greenwich, RI? If you are dealing with domestic abuse and need help getting out of the situation, please consult with an experienced domestic violence lawyer in East Greenwich. The cost can vary depending on your case, but it is worth every penny to have someone who understands the law and fights for you.

What is Domestic Violence?

Household domestic violence is a significant public health problem that affects children, adolescents, and adults. It also puts older people at risk of injuries. A domestic abuse lawyer East Greenwich can help domestic violence victims seek legal relief from the court system. Domestic violence lawyers East Greenwich are specially trained in domestic relations law to help domestic violence victims collect financial assistance for their distress.

One of the most challenging aspects of domestic violence is that it often happens behind closed doors. Nobody knows about it unless there are visible signs of injury or abuse outside where bystanders can witness it. Abusers will even try to keep domestic violence victims isolated by confiscating their cellphones/keys/ID cards so they cannot leave, barring them from seeing family and friends, or trying to control who they talk with. Contact our domestic violence attorney East Greenwich today.

Why Do People Experience Domestic Violence?

Despite domestic violence being a severe issue in many communities, domestic abuse is still often seen as an acceptable form of conduct. People may not understand the extent to which abuse can affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Domestic violence does not always start within a marriage. Very often, but not always, domestic violence has its roots in some other event or situation that goes on outside the home. Sometimes any child will see someone they respect hurt another person and get away with it, so it becomes more normal for them than if they had seen someone hurt without impunity before. Men are known to get more verbally abusive when "fighting back" or defending themselves against women yelling at them - instead of just walking away from the situation.

Who Experiences Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence attorney is a lawyer for family violence East Greenwich who has experience handling domestic violence cases can explain that domestic violence can include physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. It also includes other forms of domestic violence, such as stalking and economic control.

Many victims are surprised to learn they are not the only ones dealing with domestic violence at home because there is no typical abuser or victim. According to Safe Horizon, nearly 20 people per minute in America become victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner each year (“Domestic Violence Facts & Stats"). Abusers come from all racial/ethnic backgrounds; however, abusers who use drugs tend to be associated with higher rates of domestic violence. Victims often struggle economically, depending on their abusers for necessities like food and shelter. We have the best domestic violence attorney East Greenwich. Contact us today.

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