Ashdown City Council Lowers Speed Limit Near Elementary

city editor

       Ashdown Elementary School                           For roads near the Ashdown Elementary School, the speed limit will lower to 20 miles per hour due to the concerns of community members. Click and Davis Street will be affected.

The Ashdown City Council lowered the speed limit to 20 miles per hour near the Margaret Daniels Elementary at the Oct. 14 regular meeting. The speed limit change will affect Click and Davis Street, according to City Clerk Kirk Mounts, and the change took place immediately.

“We had gotten some complaints of extensive speeding in that area,” Mounts said. The homeowners requested ‘Children at Play’ signs near the elementary school as well. The city council also approved a petition of written consent brought forward by Von and Renita Thomas to vacate Maple and Hogan Street and two 20-foot alleyways from public use.

The city owns the roads and alleyways but never developed the area. “It allows them to have a clear title where their trailers and stuff are,” Mounts said. The council voted to keep the millage tax at 0, and the discussion of salvaging a sanitation vehicle was tabled until the Nov. 11 meeting.


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One thought on “Ashdown City Council Lowers Speed Limit Near Elementary

  1. This should had been long time ago … the kids safety is a must we come threw there to take our little girl there and see gravel trucks and some passenger cars thinks that road is a freeway …


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