Ashdown Schools Plans Renovations for All Facilities


Ashdown Public Schools plans to renovate all facilities over the next couple of years, and the district has started with the elementary school and junior high. During the past summer, Ashdown Schools renovated the entire junior high building, according to Superintendent Casey Nichols.

The renovations included new flooring, paint, ceiling tiles, wall panels and doors. The summer of 2018, the Margret Daniels Elementary building received renovations through a similar process.

Nichols said the school district used a small amount of unbonded debt and a portion of a committed fund balance to fund the construction projects.“You always want to give your students the best opportunity that they can possibly have,” Nichols said.

He said they want students to have a safe, cozy, comfortable place to come and learn where they do not have to worry about their climate or surroundings. “It was time to be able to spruce things up,” Nichols said.In 2017, Ashdown Public Schools engaged in a millage campaign to rebuild the elementary school, but the millage increase did not pass.

Nichols became the superintendent in July of 2018. “When I came to Ashdown as superintendent, I evaluated our elementary situation and determined that a 100 percent new elementary facility was not critical,” Nichols said.

While the school district is considering many upcoming projects, Nichols said the main goal is to make sure all of the facilities go through the cycle of renovations and to engage in preventative maintenance.

Special Meeting

On Oct. 3 at 5:30 p.m., the Ashdown Public Schools Board of Education called a special meeting at the Administrative Office Building to call an executive session to discuss personnel.

The board approved Nichols’s recommendation to accept Yolanda Surber’s resignation as the food service director.

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