State Representative Visits Foreman School District

Foreman Cafeteria Unveils New Culinary Plan

LR News Contributor

State Representative DeAnn Vaught visited Foreman High School and Oscar Hamilton Elementary on Sept. 5 to talk about the nature of her elected office, explain some of her bills and answer questions.

Vaught started the day in a civics class at Foreman High School where she showed students how to access information about their elected officials, including how to find the voting history of elected officials and information about any given bill.

Currently serving her third term as state representative, Vaught also explained how she came into office.“There’s only two things that I’ve ever promised,” Vaught said. “I would do as God directed me to do.”

The second thing Vaught promised was to be a loud voice for the district. After visiting the high school civics class, Vaught drove across town to talk to fourth, fifth and sixth graders at the Oscar Hamilton Elementary library, and she answered many of their questions.

“I think it’s important to visit schools so that … students understand that we’re just ordinary people [who] try to do the best we can for our districts,” Vaught said. Vaught’s last stop in the Foreman School District was at the high school cafeteria at 11 a.m., where she joined Superintendent Pat Tankersley, Principal Chris Scarborough and the culinary staff for the grand opening of the school’s revamped menu. The cafeteria served orange chicken, fried rice and homemade pizza as well as a salad and fruit bar.

The Foreman School District partnered with K-12 Culinary Connection for the first time this year. Matt Murr, vice president of culinary operations, said they spent the first weeks of school training, and the grand opening begins the cafeteria’s use of the K-12 Culinary Connection recipes.

“We have a team of chefs,” Murr said. “We have a team of dieticians.” Vaught said she is excited about the partnership between the Foreman School District and K-12 Culinary Connection as better lunches for students was something she talked about during her first election.

“I think some of our kids in our district, this is the only meal they get,” Vaught said. “The only meals are at this school, and I think they should be healthy and not necessarily processed.” Vaught said she thinks public schools are an important part of a community.

“Without a school, then you don’t have an identity,” Vaught said.


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