Sr. Center’s Director Initiates Plan to Make Sure Elderly Don’t Go Hungry

LR News Contributor

Columbia County Meal Services Director Sheila Nash (left), Consumer Protection Division Representative Kim Armstrong, and Ashdown/Foreman Senior Centers Director Paula Jewel pose with some of the cereal donation brought to Ashdown from Little Rock by Armstrong. Photo by Carolyn Myers.

After delivering meals to home-bound senior citizens and noting the lack of food in many homes, Ashdown/Foreman Senior Citizen Centers Director Paula Jewel had an idea that would help alleviate huger for that group of elderly citizens.

She decided to initiate and promote a cereal drive throughout the month of September and ask that unopened boxes of cereal be donated. Cereal is a food that can be eaten for any meal and many seniors enjoy having the dish at meals other than breakfast.

With the help of volunteer Relda Bearden, Jewel decorated a container for donations and placed a sign on the box announcing the plan. A representative of the Consumer Protection Division in Little Rock, Kim Armstrong, happened to have been present at the Center that day to advise anyone who had a consumer complaint or a compliment on a product.

As she was leaving the building, she noticed the activity in which Jewel and Bearden were involved. Armstrong asked questions and said she thought Jewel’s idea was certainly worthwhile. Inspired by the plan for helping alleviate hunger in senior citizens, Armstrong started a drive of her own when she returned to Little Rock.

On Wednesday, Sept. 4, the Consumer Protection representative arrived again at the Ashdown Senior Center with 50 boxes of cereal that had been donated by caring individuals from Armstrong’s Little Rock office.

Center Director Jewel was delighted with the contribution and praised Armstrong’s caring attitude. “We just couldn’t believe it when she told us she was going to bring us all these boxes of cereal for our seniors,” Jewell said.

“That just goes to show you what we all can do if we care enough and work together. We are so thankful to Kim Armstrong for wanting to help us care for our seniors,” Jewel added. Jewel explained that Brookshire’s Grocery in Ashdown has kindly allowed a container to be placed in the store for cereal donations to the project.


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