Community votes yes to new jail and new Foreman High School

Posted: 9/10/19, 10:19 p.m. CDT

LR News Contributor

Tankersley and Walraven
Superintendent Pat Tankersley and Sheriff Bobby Walraven celebrate in the election center after the complete but unofficial vote results were announced. All four ballot issues passed. Little River County will receive a new jail and Foreman a new high school.

     On Sept. 10, Little River County voted to pass two sales tax proposals and the facilities bond in order to build and maintain the new county jail. The Foreman School District voted to pass the millage tax that will fund the new high school.
     As a result of the complete and unofficial vote count, the 0.25 percent sales tax to operate the new jail passed 1,159 votes to 824 votes, and the 0.375 percent sales tax to construct the new jail passed 1,136 votes to 839 votes. The jail and law enforcement facilities bond passed 1,154 votes to 825 votes.
     In the wake of the special election results, Sheriff Bobby Walraven said he is feeling great.
     “The public has come out,” Walraven said. “They’ve supported the community. They knew the importance of this, and they were here.”
     Walraven said a lot of good people and officers spread the message of how important this was.

County Clerk Deanna Sivley
County Clerk Deanna Sivley holds the election results as election night draws to a close.

     “Somebody said that the can’s been kicked down the road for a long time to the point that there’s nothing but a rim, so we’re fixing to get us a new can,” Walraven said.
     “I’m excited, and I thank the people of this county for what they’ve done. They’ve come out and showed their support for the law enforcement today to give my men the tools they need to do their job.”
     The increase in the millage tax to fund the new Foreman high school passed 385 votes to 140 votes.
     Superintendent Pat Tankersley said she is so excited and ready to get started.
     “I am beyond excited,” Tankersley said. “The Foreman School District patrons came together united like I knew they would.”
     Foreman has never voted down a millage increase, and Tankersley said the community did not let them down this time either. She said she wants to thank the voters.
     “This is for the kids,” Tankersley said. “Everyone came through from the Say Yes committee to the staff and faculty and just everybody.”

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